GTA in Real Life: A Passenger in Toyota Corolla Attempted to Stabbed Passing Cyclist with a Knife

The passenger in this black Toyota Corolla attempted to stab the cycllist with a knife.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in GTA? Undeniably we could do whatever we like in a virtual world, even it’s ‘illegal’. However, a maniac in Hillsboro, Washington county seemingly couldn’t tell the virtual world from the real one, and he’s a possible fanatic of GTA. So what crazy things did he do? According to the victim, a local cyclist, that maniac was sitting in a Toyota Corolla and he attempted to stab him with knife when he passed by the car. Next, let’s have an overall review of this incident.

In an interview by Komo News, Henry Bosak revealed the truth. He has the habit of cycling on weekend. However, this horrible experience left him incurable phobia of the passing vehicles on the road. From then on, he always carried his two GoPro cameras with him every time he went outdoors. One is set in the front of his bike, the other is in the rear.

He made a tour in his town by bike as usual. On his way home, a Toyota passed by him at a breakneck speed and nearly hit him. After he returned home, he checked the footage and find out the number plate of that Toyota. He was poised to report the driver. Henry was a meticulous guy. During his watching, he also found out another horrifying truth — — the passenger in the Toyota attempted to stab him with a knife! The car was a black Toyota Corolla. After Henry reported the incident, he found that the driver also took action immediately — — He vended the vehicle and the owner is yet to register it with the DMV.

Police are sparing no effort to figure out where the driver and his passenger were, who were clearly shown in the footage. We could also see that the passenger was holding a sharp knife in his hand and stretch it out of the car window, ready to launch an assault on Henry. Fortunately, Henry kept a proper distance with the car so the criminal failed to hit the target as he wished.

Henry heaved a sigh of relief after he found that he escaped from the knife and prevented a potential injury. He also expressed his crave for catching the criminals: “I hope they’re caught immediately. That’s absolutely a misbehavior that harms the life of an innocent cyclist.”